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Are you concerned about the economy, the culture or the environment?

We are collaboratively addressing our economic, cultural and environmental concerns, by creating a network of Sustainable Villages.

The goal of The Sustainable Village is to provide economic, environmental and cultural stability in an economy that is reliant on an ever declining number of living wage jobs. The Sustainable Village will be an essential, complementary alternative to living-wage jobs by collaboratively using low cost appropriate technologies such as:

  • organic gardening
  • sustainable energy generation
  • green building technologies
  • craftsman’s guilds to grow, build, produce, repair, up-cycle and recycle what we need to live well
  • micro-businesses to create income so the village can pay for things we are not yet able to produce on site

Population to be Served


  • One third of our villagers will be community members who are currently homeless.
  • One third of our villagers will be community members who are on the edge financially, and are likely to face harder times ahead.
  • One third of our villagers will be community members who simply have a passion for the success of the project.
    (Proportions may evolve over time to serve existing need.)
  • There will also be dedicated area for people to camp who intend to stay for only a limited time and fit our target population

We see The Sustainable Village as that alternative, in addition as sustainable villages become established within a given jurisdictions, the cost to sustain people who were poor or in poverty within those jurisdictions will decline dramatically.

Whereas without this network of sustainable villages the cost to sustain an ever increasing numbers of under-employed people will continue to rise with no end in sight.

TSV Will be a Place:

  • To learn and teach the arts of low cost, environmentally sound, sustainable living.
  • For people who desire an emotionally supportive environment, or perhaps the help of others, to recover from most forms of trauma.
  • Where members of the wider community may come and volunteer some time and in exchange for anything from vegetables to an array of other goods and services.
  • That does not place a demand on already limited, existing low income housing or living wage employment opportunities.

It is our intention, to create a pilot project to demonstrate the effectiveness of such an approach.
Our goal is to be able to cost effectively eliminate homelessness, poverty and being poor, while at the same time improving the environment and fostering a culture of kindness, creativity and stability. The Sustainable Village is to become a sanctuary for people regardless of income.

Main Features:

  • About 25% the cost over other long term options, and self-sustaining after 5 +/- years.
  • May be started on a shoe string or with a major grant, no ongoing funding necessary after 5 +/- years.
  • May be scaled up to meet existing and future need, due to the desirability and affordability of the approach.
  • TSV is a place to sustainably and collaboratively produce our own necessities of life.
  • TSV is a place that utilizes its infrastructure to facilitate a range of cottage industries to earn funds to cover TSV costs and funds for villagers.

We need to address the existing need humanity is facing all across the planet. Once the pilot project is established we intend to offer this program in other locations.
If you have any questions, inquiries or want to be a part of our efforts, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Come join the movement!

Plot plan 1, phase 1


Plot plan 1, phase 2